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High Plains Educational Cooperative

Board of Director’s Meeting

September 19, 2019

6:30 PM


611  Marcy Fierstein, Director

611  Kim Cruz, Asst. Director

611  Shelly Harris, Asst. Director

611  Mary A. James, Clerk

611  Chrissie Mangels, Treasurer

507  Jeff Rollins, BOD

214  Ron Smith, BOD

215  Kenny Waechter, BOD

216  Christie Webb, BOD

217  Phoebe Brummett, BOD

209  Brian White, BOD

200  Ross Kuttler, BOD

452  Matt Canny, Alt. BOD

494  Dan Kullot, BOD

210  Mike Persinger, BOD

210  Adrian Howie, Supt.

214  Dave Younger, Supt.

215  Larry Lyder, Supt.

507  Mike Ward, Supt.

626  Kim Mauk, RSC

1.         Call to Order  

Ron Smith, Board President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

2.         Approve Agenda

Ross Kuttler moved to approve the agenda with the addition of item 11, Title I Paras.  Christie Webb seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

3.         Approve Minutes of Regular August Meeting

Brian White moved to approve the minutes of the August meeting as presented in the packet. Dan Kullot seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

4.         Approve Accounts Payable

Christie Webb moved to approve accounts payable as presented in the packet. Dan Kullot seconded the motion.  Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

5.         Comments From the Public

There were none in writing.

6.         Committee Reports

            a.         RSC Report

Kim Mauk gave the report.

            b.         Council of Superintendents

There was no report.

7.         2019-20 Committee Appointments

Phoebe Brummett moved to approve committee appointments for the 2019-20 school year as presented.  Dan Kullot seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

8.         Contracts

Dan Kullot moved to approve the consultant contract for Jerrie Brooks for mentoring services 2019-20 school year. Christie Webb seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

9.         Staff Development Activities

            a.         New Teacher Academy

The Administrative team shared information from the New Teacher/Mentor Academy that was held Sept. 12th .

            b.         MANDT Training

The Basic and Intermediate training will be held Sept. 23th and 24th. There are 30 signed up for this training. Shelly shared that our trainers are available to go to districts and do  trainings when requested.

            c.         Dynamic Learning Maps Training (DLM)

The DLM training was held Sept. 14th with 9 teachers attending. This is an alternate assessment training.

10.       Director’s Report

            a.         Fall Goal Setting

The administrative team will be meeting with teachers in their designated districts to set fall goals using the PDC plan from SWPRSC.

            b.         Staff  Evaluations

The administrative team will be completing observations and checklists for all certified staff on years one and two during October. HPEC administrators will need input from the Principals during this process.

            c.         IDEA, Gifted  and Fiscal File Review

There are nine districts that are part of Cohort 2 for IDEA, Gifted and Fiscal File Review. The files have been pulled and reviewed for compliance. The data has been uploaded to the state.  Thank you to the Superintendents for helping with the fiscal file review for your district.

11.       Title I Paras

Shelly shared information regarding Highly Qualified status of paras in school wide Title I schools. All paras working in the school wide Title I schools must be Highly Qualified.

12.       Adjourn

Ross Kuttler moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 P.M.  Dan Kullot seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.



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