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High Plains Educational Cooperative

Board of Director’s Meeting

November 21, 2019

6:30 PM


611  Marcy Fierstein, Director

611  Kim Cruz, Asst. Director

611  Mary A James, Clerk

611  Chrissie Mangels, Treasurer

507  Jeff Rollins, BOD

214  Ron Smith, BOD

215  Kenny Waechter, BOD

216  Christie Webb, BOD

217  Phoebe Brummett, BOD

466  Andy Trout, BOD

476  John Krahn, BOD

363  Jean Johnson, BOD

200  Ross Kuttler, BOD

210  Mike Persinger, BOD

209  Brian White, BOD

214  Dave Younger, Supt.

452  Trenton Horn, Supt.

507  Mike Ward, Supt.

466  Jamie Rumford, Supt.

363  Scott Myers, Supt.

626  Mike Toole, RSC

1.      Call to Order

Ron Smith, Board President, called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

2.      Approve Agenda

Ross Kuttler  moved to approve the amended agenda making item 11a an Executive Session and 11b an Information Item. Andy Trout seconded the motion. Motion carries 11 yes, 0 no.

3.      Approve Minutes of Regular October Meeting

Kenny Waechter moved to approve the minutes from the October meeting as presented. Christie Webb seconded the motion. Motion carries 11 yes, 0 no.

4.      Approve Accounts Payable

Brian White moved to approve the accounts payable as presented. Phoebe Brummett seconded the motion. Motion carries, 11 yes, 0 no.

5.      Comments from the Public

There were none in writing.

6.      Committee Reports

         a.      RSC Report

Mike Toole gave the report from the RSC  about the Title III consortium and professional learning opportunities.

         b.      Council of Superintendents

Jamie Rumford gave the report.

7.      Staff Development

         a.      Gifted Meeting

Kim shared the Gifted Facilitators met on Oct. 23rd.

         b.      PECs

Amanda Ruda, SLP from Holcomb gave a PECs training on Nov. 13th to teachers who have students that need augmented communication. This training was by invitation only.

         c.      New Teachers and School Psychologists

New Teachers and School Psychologists were in October 24th. They were split into groups in the morning with Marcy and Kim working with the new teachers and Shelly with the Psychologists. The groups worked together in the afternoon to collaborate on student evaluations.

         d.      Structured Teaching

Kim shared information from the November 6th training. Structured Teaching is a program for working with children on the Autism Spectrum. 

8.      Audit

Dirk, Anthony and Duncan has completed the audit for FY19 and will present the report at the December board meeting.

9.      Director’s Report

         a.      Maintenance of Effort  (MOE) and Excess Cost Report

The MOE and excess cost report opened October 8th and will close December 6th. Districts, please have you information submitted to HPEC by Thanksgiving.

         b.      Recruiting

Recruiting has begun. Marcy and Shelly have been to Alva, OK, Shelly , WSU and Kim attended the SLP career day at Ft. Hays State on November 15th.

         c.      Disproportionality

Marcy discussed disproportionality with the board and explained what it will mean for the Cooperative and having to do corrective action. More information was on the table.

         d.      Placement Rates

Marcy discussed the current placement rates for our districts.

10.   Central Office Closed

The central office will be closed November 27-29th for Thanksgiving break.

11.   Other

         a.      Staff Issue                       EXECUTIVE SESSION

Ron Smith moved that the board go into executive session for the purpose of discussing matter concerning staff and that the board returns to the open meeting at 7:43 P.M. (3 minutes) in this room. The executive session is to include Board Members, Superintendents, Director and Assistant Directors. Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries. 11 yes, 0 no.

         b.      Legislative Letters

Marcy encouraged the board and superintendents to send letters to the Legislature concerning the excess money to education, to be put into Special Education.

12.   Adjourn

Jeff Rollins moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 PM. Kenny Waechter seconded the motion. Motion carries. 11 yes, 0 no


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