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High Plains Educational Cooperative

Board of Director’s Meeting

August 19, 2021

7:00 PM


611  Shelly Harris, Director

611  Kim Cruz, Asst. Director

611  Marlene Dodge, Asst. Director

611  Alexa Beltz, Supervisor/Coord.

611  Chrissie Mangels,  Treasurer

611  Flor Galindo, Alt. Clerk

214  Ron Smith, Guest

215  Kenny Waechter, BOD

507  Jeff Rollins, BOD

216  Mark S Goehring, BOD

214  Diana Nunez, BOD

210  Barry Hittle, BOD

507  Mike Ward, Supt.

216  Tyson Eslinger, Supt.

RSC  Kim Mauk, Guest

Via Zoom:

467  Ann Wiles, BOD

371  Bobie Davis, BOD

466  Andy Trout, BOD

209  Marcus Howe, BOD

217  Phoebe Brummett, BOD

1.         Call to Order  

Ron Smith, Board President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. After, Mr. Smith introduced the 2021-22 Board President, Kenny Waechter, and stepped down.

2.         Approve Agenda

Barry Hittle moved to approve the agenda with changes to include conversation regarding Comprehensive Coordinating Early Intervening Services (CCEIS) and disproportionality funds.  Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

3.         Approve Minutes of Regular July Meeting

Barry Hittle moved to approve the minutes of the July meeting as presented in the packet. Andy Trout seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

4.         Approve Accounts Payable

Phoebe Brummett moved to approve accounts payable as presented in the packet. Diana Nunez seconded the motion.  Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

5.         Comments from the Public

There were none in writing.

6.         Committee Reports

            a.         RSC

Kim Mauk reported to the board about the program Fastbridge and offered their support to the districts. She also spoke about the LETRS program and informed the board that SWPRSC can train and support districts who are interested in receiving this training.

7.         Board Orientation

Shelly Harris shared with the board a Power Point outlining HPEC roles and responsibilities to member districts as well as a review of the general purpose and practices of our cooperative.

8.         Contracts

Barry Hittle moved to approve contracts for Holly Villa, Long Term Substitute at Elkhart High School and Alyson Elder, Long Term Substitute at Scott City High School. Mark S. Goehring seconded the motion. Motion carries, 10 yes, 0 no.

Jeff Rollins moved to approve contracts for Megan Sullivan, Physical Therapist and for Southwest Kansas Area Cooperative (Michael Rice, Orientation and Mobility Specialist). Diana Nunez seconded the motion. Motion carries, 10 yes, 0 no.        

9.         Review of Teachers on Alternative Pathways

Shelly Harris shared information about alternative pathways for teachers to become certified in special education as well as informed the board the process for High Plains to help with tuition for those employees. Barry Hittle asked what the policy was with regards to payback for tuition paid. Shelly explained that the employee is expected to provide years of service to HPEC for the tuition paid.

10.       Staff Negotiations

Phoebe Brummett moved to approve the new negotiated agreement. Diana Nunez seconded the motion. Motion carries, 10 yes, 0 no.

11.       Staff Development

Marlene Dodge informed the board about recent staff development opportunities, including New Teacher/Mentor trainings, August Inservice, School Psychologist meeting and Structured Teaching training.

12.       Autism Intervention Team

Kim Cruz shared about the Autism Intervention Team and what their roles are as well as how they assist our special education teachers.

13.       HPEC Administrator Responsibilities

Shelly Harris spoke to the board about the responsibilities of the High Plains Administrative team. She also shared with the board which administrator covers which school districts and provided a list of teachers they supervise.

14.       Director’s Report

            a.         Board Committees for 2021-2022

Shelly Harris spoke about the board committees. She also informed the board what each committee is involved with as well as approximately how many times they meet. Kenny Waechter encouraged the proposed members of the committees to attend their committee meetings as well and expressed the importance of each committee to High Plains.

            b.         KSDE IDEA File Review

Alexa Beltz spoke about the process of the IEP Review. She explained the importance of this review in order for High Plains to remain in compliance with special education best practices.

            c.         HPEC Superintendent’s Meetings

Shelly Harris shared that after speaking with the district Superintendents, High Plains will continue to have Superintendent’s meetings. Meetings will be held quarterly throughout the school year.

            d.         Recruiting

Shelly Harris informed the board about the recruiting fair Kim and Alexa will be attending at Wichita State University in August. There are similar plans for HPEC administrators to attend future recruiting fairs.

15.       Other

Shelly Harris shared with the board about the distribution of the CCEIC funds.

16.       Adjourn

Jeff Rollins moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 P.M. Barry Hittle seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.




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