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High Plains Educational Cooperative

Board of Director’s Meeting

June 16, 2022

7:00 PM


611  Shelly Harris, Director

611  Kim Cruz, Asst. Director

611  Marlene Dodge, Asst. Director

611  Alexa Beltz, Supervisor/Coord.

611  Mary A James, Clerk

611  Chrissie Mangels, Treasurer

611  Ellen Underhill, Technology Facilitator

215  Kenny Waechter, BOD

214  Ron Smith, Alt. BOD

210  Barry Hittle, BOD

217  Phoebe Brummett, BOD

507  Jeff Rollins, BOD

363  Tyson Eslinger, Supt.

214  Dave Younger, Supt.

507  Mike Ward, Supt.

452  Trenton Horn, Supt.

Via Zoom:

476  Sara Koehn, BOD

466  Andy Trout, BOD

467  Ann Wiles, BOD

371  Bobie Davis, BOD

200  Brent Tarman, BOD

209  Grace Eisenhour, BOD

216  Mary Chipley, BOD

626  Traci Taylor, Guest

1. Call to Order

Kenny Waechter, Board President, called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.


2. Approve Consent Agenda

Barry Hittle moved to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Phoebe Brummett seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


3. Comments From the Public

There were none in writing.


4. Committee Reports


Traci Taylor gave the update on upcoming trainings.

b. Council of Superintendents

There was no report.


5. Board Orientation

Angela Morris, Early Childhood Special Education teacher, shared information about herself and her practices.


6. Resignations and Contracts

Phoebe Brummett moved to accept with regrets and appreciations,  the resignations from Tonya Martin, IR teacher at Sullivan Elementary.  Jeff Rollins seconded the motion.  Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.

Phoebe Brummett moved to offer contracts to Tonya Medrano, Long Term Sub at Lakin H. S.; Natalie Araiza, Long Term Sub at Holcomb Elementary; Emily Murillo, Long Term Sub at Sullivan Elementary; Kitty Hemmert, Long Term Sub at Scott City H.S. and Manuel Garcia, IR teacher at Ulysses H.S. Barry Hittle seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


7. Staff

a. Open Positions

Shelly shared the open positions and current new placements. Information was on the screen.

b. Professional Development Council

Marlene shared that the PDC committee met May 24th and approved certified PDC plans for the 2021-22 school year. The new committee members are, Karen Roth, Holcomb and Priscilla Hollingsworth, Copeland.

c. School Psychologist Year End Data

Kim shared year end data for student evaluations completed this school year.

d. Mentors

Alexa shared the list of mentors and facilitators for 2022-23 school year.


8. FY 23 Budget

Phoebe Brummett moved to approve the budget for FY 23 as presented. Andy Trout seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


9. Form 120

Shelly shared she will complete the Form 120 after the FY 23 budget has passed. This information is necessary for district superintendents to add to their budgets.


10. Supervisor/Coordinator Position

Ann Wiles moved to change Alexa Beltz position from supervisor/Coordinator to Assistant Director. Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


11. Central Office Staff

Barry Hittle moved to give the Central Office staff a raise as was presented. Phoebe Brummett seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


12.  Central Office 2022-23 Calendar

Phoebe Brummett moved to approve the 2022-23 Central Office calendar as presented. Andy Trout seconded the motion. Motion carries 12 yes, 0 no.


Bobie Davis left the meeting at 7:40 P.M.


13. Administrative Team Report

a. Negotiations Committee Report

The negotiations committee will tentatively meet June 27th.

b. August Inservice Dates

Alexa shared the dates for August inservice. New teachers and mentor will meet Aug. 1st and 2nd with all staff being Aug. 4th at the Grant County Civic Center. All board members are invited to attend.


14. Other

Shelly shared with the board, that Cindy Livengood, Adaptive PE teacher, had passed away June 4th. She had worked for HPEC for 34 years. She will be greatly missed.


15. Adjourn

Ron Smith moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:43 P.M. Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries 11 yes, 0 no.



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