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High Plains Educational Cooperative

Board of Director’s Meeting

September 20, 2018

6:30 PM


611 Kim Cruz, Asst. Director

200 Ross Kuttler, BOD

611 Mary A James, Clerk

507 Jeff Rollins, BOD

611 Marcy Fierstein, Director

363 Scott Myers, Supt.

611 Chrissie Mangels, Treasurer

363 Jean Johnson, BOD

214 Dave Younger, Supt.

214 Ron Smith, BOD

209 Brian White, BOD

374 Mike Bultena, BOD

494 Dan Kullot, BOD

611 Shelly Harris, Asst. Director

 466 Eric Erven, BOD

210 Stephanie Heger, BOD

217 James Langley, BOD

217 Antonio Cavasos, SRO/UPD

215 Kenny Waechter, BOD

215 Larry Lyder, Supt.

466 Jamie Rumford

1.      Call to Order

Ron Smith, Board Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Approve Agenda

Eric Erven moved to approve the agenda as presented. Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

3.      Approve Minutes of Regular September Meeting

Brian White moved to approve the minutes from the September meeting as presented. Mike Bultena seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

4.      Approve Accounts Payable

Eric Erven moved to approve the accounts payable as presented. Jean Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

5.      Comments from the Public

There were none in writing.

6.      Committee Reports

         a.      RSC Report

There was no report.

         b.      Superintendents Council

There was no report.

7.      Parent/Student Concern      EXECUTIVE SESSION

         This item was cancelled.

8.      Administrative Team Report

         a.      Fall Goal Setting

The administrators are meeting with teachers to set individual goals for the year. This will be completed by Nov. 1. They are also doing observations for teachers on years 1 and 2.

         b.      Professional Development Committee

Kim shared the PDC committee went to Wichita Oct. 15th -17th. The committee came in the morning of the 15th to approve professional development activities and award points.

         c.      USA Fall Regional Summit      

Jamie Rumford shared a short summary of information from the USA Fall Regional Summit that was held in Garden City on Oct. 16th.

9.      Director’s Report

         a.      Categorical Aid Payment

The Categorical Aid payment was to be sent October 15th.  Please forward the payment to HPEC. This does not require board action.

         b.      TIP Funds

The application for the TIP (Targeted Improvement Plan) funds has been submitted and approved.  These funds are used to provide direct services to students, staff and districts.

         c.      IDEA Maintenance of Effort and Excess Cost Reporting

The state/federal report on maintenance of effort and excess cost reporting was opened Oct. 8th    and closes Dec. 14th.  Districts are being asked to complete the report and send information prior to Nov. 15th.  HPEC must have all district data prior to completing HPEC’s reporting component.

         d.      Special Ed Funding 101

There will be a Special Ed Funding 101 workshop on Nov. 1 at HPEC from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Superintendents, board members, clerks, accounts payable personnel and anyone else who the superintendents would like to attend, are all invited. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Marcy by Oct. 29th so we can have an accurate lunch number.

10.   KASB Annual Conference Delegate and Alternate

Jeff Rollins moved to nominate Eric Erven as delegate and Mike Bultena as alternate delegate,  to the KASB Annual Conference Nov. 30th  - Dec. 2nd in Overland Park.  Ross Kuttler seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.

11.   Adjourn

Eric Erven moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:19 PM. Jeff Rollins seconded the motion. Motion carries 10 yes, 0 no.



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