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Para Timesheets

The monthly timesheet are available on supervisor iPads in the Filemaker Go App.  We are no longer supporting the Excel or PDF forms.

Please contact Ellen if you have questions.


There are 10 timesheets included in the one Filemaker Go file called ParaTimesheetFYxx.

If you have multiple paras, you need to have a separate file for each para, how do you create a timesheet file for each one of them?
      Open the timesheet file, under the Action Button (top left circle with down arrow)
      Select Save/Send As
      Select Database
      Tap once on ParaTimesheetFYxx, then tap on the “x” to the right of ParaTimesheetFYxx to rename
      the file with Para’s name
      Scroll down on the list of options and select “Save to Filemaker Go” (depending upon your iOS version you          may need to look around for “Save to Filemaker Go”)
      To open the file, under the action button select Launch Center, then at the bottom of
       the screen select “Device” where you will find the file you just created.

You can move to the different monthly time sheets by tapping on the monthly navigation buttons at the top.  These monthly buttons find the timesheet for the corresponding month. (make sure you are in the correct month before entering data).

Enter time for the "In" and "Out" blanks with the time you began or ended working. Indicate if time is AM or PM. To do this enter the time (i.e. 8:15), a space using the spacebar,  then am or pm. If the time being entered is a whole hour, there is no need to enter a colon with minutes (i.e. 8 am).

You can use the tab key to move from cell to cell.  Any time you tap in a time slot a window will pop up with the current time, just start typing with your keyboard and tab to the next slot. If your keyboard is not working, your on-screen keyboard should pop up and you can use it.

Enter Personal or Sick Leave by entering the quantity of hours in the designated column.
To enter time use hh:mm (1:30= 1 hour & 30 minutes, 00:20=20 minutes)
The most frequently requested leave (Personal and Sick) have their own column for easy entry and tracking.

Enter all other leave types by entering the quantity of hours and leave code in the “Other Leave” columns. Enter the quantity of hours in the left column and enter the leave code in the adjacent right column.  Options for “Other Leave” include”
      SC=School Closure
      J=Jury Duty
Example: The employee worked 4 hours, reported 1 hour of Sick leave, and 1 hour of inclement weather leave (SC) due to school being dismissed early, for a total of 6 hours reported for the day.

When the time sheet has been completed it needs to be signed by your supervisor. Once signed the timesheet needs to be converted to PDF and emailed to HPEC .

How to send
While viewing the correct timesheet
      Go the Action button
      select Print,
      select PDF
      rename with LastName, FirstInitial, Year, FirstMonth on timesheet (SmithJ2018Oct)
      select Continue
      select Mail
      send attachment to