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New Para Payroll Paperwork

New Employee Payroll Paperwork

for employees over 630 hours in a calendar year

The following payroll forms will need to be completed prior to beginning employment.  Please call our payroll department at 620-356-5577 if you have questions with any of these forms.

W-4 & K-4 Complete steps 1 through 7 include your signature and the date. Keep the top part for your records.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Complete at the HPEC Central office or with your HPEC supervising teacher. This must be completed BEFORE the first day of employment. Please return only pages 7 & 8. Section 2 must be filled in by the supervisor. Supervisors, you must physically see the two forms of ID or a passport. Fill in the appropriate information and sign your name on the form. (We cannot accept photocopies of IDs for the I-9.)

Oath Sign and notarized

Payment of wages may not be authorized without the above documents being present at HPEC Central Office. A timesheet cannot be started without these documents in central office and processed.

KPERS Beneficiary Complete this form to designate one or more beneficiaries. Your signature must be witnessed when signing this form. Additional forms are available upon request.

KPERS Optional Group Life optional group life insurance is available through KPERS. Applications must be completed within 30 days of your first day on the job to be eligible. Applications are available upon request.

Direct Deposit To enroll for direct deposit attach a deposit slip or voided check, sign and date the form. With direct deposit you should have access to your paycheck on the scheduled date of pay. Paychecks or pay stubs will be mailed to the address on the W-4. We highly encourage you to use direct deposit.

Section 125 You will be eligible for Section 125 through American Fidelity after 90 days of employment. American Fidelity will contact you at your school.

Certification of Health Complete both sections.  Needs to be completed within 30 days of employment.

Insurance Benefit information is available on our website.

Full time (30+ hours a week), paraeducators are eligible to participate in our group health insurance. Information and forms will be sent to you. An area supervisor will stop by to explain the health insurance option and answer questions. You have the choice of participating or signing the waiver stating you do not wish to participate.

Transcripts: Transcripts of college credit must be in the office within 30 days of employment for horizontal movement on the salary scale.

Updated 5/3/18